Hints and tips for cake decorators and a Guide to how much Marzipan and Sugarpaste you will need to cover your cake
Hints and tips for cake decorators

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Hints and tips for cake decorators
Do you have any hints and tips on cake decorating that you would like to share? We'd love to include them on the site (and of course we'll give you due credit..)

Please email them to us at info@mbsc.co.uk

Lindy Smith recommends:

Invest in a sugar shaper: In my opinion a sugar shaper is indispensable for novelty work, as the assortment of interchangeable discs means it can be used to make many items e.g. hair, grass, posts, poles etc.

NOTE: The secret to using one successfully is to make sure the paste used is really soft. I find that adding cooled boiled water to the paste until it is just starting to stick to my hands ensures that the paste will be quickly and easily be extruded. If the shaper clicks your paste is still too hard!

Spacers: Use these to achieve an even thickness when rolling out paste. They are available commercially but you can make your own, for example from strip wood available from DIY stores and barbecue skewers make excellent narrow spacers.

Geraldine Dahlke recommends:

Keep your work station clear from crumbs of paste, off-cuts, crusted royal icing, or rubbish of any kind made while working on a cake. There is nothing worse than finding these have somehow leaped off the table top and crawled invisibly into the icing bag only to shout 'guess where I am' when the royal icing stops flowing.

M&B's guidelines:

How much do I need?

The chart below is an approximate guide to how much Marzipan and Sugarpaste you will need to cover cakes of the following sizes:

Cake Marzipan Sugarpaste
















All icings are available ready packed as follows:
500g pack
1kg pack
5kg box
10kg box

The cake decorators' gallery

Please visit our gallery to see what others have been creating with M&B sugarpaste and marzipan - it's a great source of inspiration...
We'd love to feature your work here too.


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Sugarpaste: It is a ready to roll out icing which is ideal for wedding or novelty cakes, modelling figures or sheeting. The range of 20 colours makes cake decorating easier. Now you can avoid the inconvenience of having to colour small quantities of icing yourself when making a special occasion cake. Marzipan: Available as either white or golden or we can mix your own colours on request. With an almond content of 25% it is supple enough for cake covering, modelling decorations and sheetingLuxury Xmas Pudding: Using only the highest quality selected fruit, almonds, ginger and dark molasses sugar, soaked overnight in a combination of Brandy, Rum, Beer, Madeira Wine and Stout, then steamed slowly. The result a light, moist pudding with a traditional home made taste. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, GM freeGift PacksBrandy Butter: The traditional accompaniment to Christmas Pudding, made with fine French Brandy and creamy butter. Brandy butter will keep well in your store cupboard for up to 6 monthsCakes For All Seasons HomepageLuxury Mincemeat: Rich vine fruits cherries and almonds are soaked in dark Rum. Versatile throughout the year for puddings, pies or to liven up Ice Cream.Chocolate Orange Cake soaked in Grand Marnier : The chocoholic’s dream. Rich, moist and delicately orange flavoured. White and dark sugar, eggs, wheat flour, palm oil, Grand Marnier Liqueur, orange peel, chocolate chips, cocoa, salt, baking powderPecan Cake soaked in Courvoisier Cognac: A variation on an American classic. White and dark sugar, eggs, wheat flour, palm oil, Courvoisier VS Cognac, pecans, salt, baking powderCoffee and Walnut Cake soaked in Tia Maria. Pure Indulgence. A tempting dessert or an alternative birthday cake. A special treat or the perfect giftLemon Cake with Elizabethan Lemon Curd soaked in Beefeater Gin